Peaceful day to all!


Mother’s are complicated, we are loved yet frustrating.  For most of us we have a common goal of success for our children.  We NEED them to prosper, to make even more of their lives than we have.  It is our hope and dream to see our progeny create their lives in the best spirit possible.  And some of us are, let’s face it, a bit of a control freaks when it comes to that goal.

We worry, stay awake at night, feel pain in our hearts when we know they hurt.  If we are successful Mother’s we know how to not let this affect our children, we try to learn how to let go, and let our youth go off on their own , in their own fashion.  we hope, that we have had the abilities and where-with-all to make their own strong lives.

Me, I admit to great control issues, I know that I obsess about my children and my children’s children, but I work at the letting go thing. trying to make sure that I spend more time reveling in their happiness and success than dwelling on the small stuff.  Dreaming positive futures for my children, who are now adults, seems maybe more productive for them as well as myself.

I know, I know, this is hard.  Our world contains danger, worry.  Good Grief, when I was a child, we used to practice atom bomb drills in school.  Our world is tough, and every one of us faces our own unique, difficult challenges.  For some of us in the world, our challenges are so complex that we can barely breathe, let alone visualize.    So that makes our task of breathing out goodness even more important today. We mother’s who have a pretty secure life happening; we need to breathe out peace and love for those mothers, and those children that need our help.  We need to remember to include time in the beauty of our own day to stop periodically and send positivity out to others.

For my present to myself for mother’s day, I am trying sending my world love and peace.  I know that it will come back around!


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