Victim? Nah no time for that.


Had a discussion the other day with a wonderful woman.  We talked about just why it is that we sometimes attract unhealthy relationships to ourselves.  Why, when we know just what we want in friends, lovers, jobs, sometimes we just head on back to the comfort zone of dysfunction!

Key words…comfort zone.  If…we have been conditioned to accept abuse, accept dysfunction, accept no boundaries, do we indeed accept because it is a comfortable place for us.  Have we spent years understanding a negative aspect of ourselves, even, at times, while giving lip service to the positive parts of our lives?  Sure why not?  It is easy to be comfortable. easy to  open that door to what we know, feels right, have been taught.

So then the question became…How do we have a happy self view?  What about ourselves is positive?

Lets consider today letting go of the parts of ourselves that need  comforted by the same old bad stuff, and concentrate on enjoying all the new good that we can let into our lives.  So another question, and this is just for you…

What is the good that you indeed deserve in your life?  Write it down, imagine it, live it, dwell in it.  It could be fun.


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