Working in earth


So many ways to relax, grow, and learn.

Pat loves working in the earth, finds the comfort of a peaceful time, weeding, nurturing a salve to her soul.  Her gardens show her love. Every view filled with bright spring flowers, colors mingled together into a delightful watercolor, every view from her home opens onto the gardens.  This time of year, she can barely contain her eagerness to get out into the dirt, to pull weeds, clip flowers, move plants, water, mulch.

In the mornings I go to her home, to work on the business she is teaching me, to talk and learn.  I think this may be a distracted time to learn for me, her mind strays to the windows, and often, when I get involved in a project, I lift my eyes from my computer to see her out among her flowers.

Her focus on her gardens is amazing.  She loses herself out there, never tiring, never complaining about dirty sweat, just works away.  Her gardens heal her, give her solace, love. ease of spirit.

Gardens are her joy, heart, soul.  Gardening creates for her a complete wholeness.

We all have the possibility of  peaceful meditation, immersed, if even for a few moments, in our place of truth.  Those moments, simple, are our place of peace.

Have you found your place, your moment of soulful immersion?  Take some time today, close your eyes, imagine….


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