The ability to start again


Change, what a word.  Some of us fear this, others embrace it.  But whatever the response, change is momentous and well…challenging.  Starting over again is a positive action, a way to shrug  our shoulders, and move forward.  We take time, analyze, heal, plan if possible and then head out to our new path

Me, I find that my life is a constant flurry of change, not always the changes I hope for, or ask for, but a flurry non the less.  The problems I meet happen when I resist change, try to halt moving forward.   Letting go of my fear is sometimes the most difficult issue I have with change.  When I do manage to let go, I discover that my future is not as scary as  I thought!

What is changing in your life?  What new path are you walking on?  Is the path rocky or do you trust it be safe?  How are you dealing with the changes in your life?


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