Here’s to the honesty of women friends!


Have you ever noticed, get two women in a room together for even 5 minutes, two women who have never before met, and in those 5 minutes they manage to tell each other the story of their lives.  Doesn’t take long.  do we have shortcuts to talking?  Do we just talk fast.  Maybe all of that, but what it is, we listen to each other, we care.  Women together seldom seem at a loss for words.

Men now ( and I am generalizing so please no nasty comments) men spend 5 minutes well…just sorta grunting.  Why is that?  My guy can spend 5 hours with a buddy he has not seen in 4 months.  I ask him after about stuff I know is going on…important, life altering stuff, and he says, “huh, we did not talk about that!”  Really?!?!

We women though, we share!  We ask for advice, give advice, and happily, gloriously dissect every moment of every minute of a question.  We love to talk, love to understand.

Women are able to develop large circles of support; go to buddies.  Go to for fun, go to for sorrow, go to just weed a garden together and talk about plants.

We can not see each other for a year, and put us in a room together and we take up our conversations as though we stopped talking only the day before.  I know I get together with my buddies and my jaws hurt from talking, laughing and crying.  We communicate fully!!!

My friend Pat of the glorious gardens says that she thinks women like women better as we age, simply because we need to have people with us that cut through the nonsense and move on to the nitty gritty of life.

I tend to agree. Do not misunderstand, I love my guy, but hey!  Talking is definitely a big delight.

Do you all have go to women?  Today it the day to tell them :Hey!  I love you, appreciate you, and am so happy you are in my life!!!


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  1. This is a great post. I love how women communicate and I’m fortunate to have a friend from grade school who no matter how long we haven’t talked, we pick up where we left off. I also recently made a new friend who after the first time we met I knew she’d be my friend long term. We just enjoy being around each other and we have both confided in each other some very personal issues in a fairly short time.

    And you, my friend, are one of those special women who has a special spirit and I think women see that and that’s why you are able to really communicate with them.

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