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Women Heal


Time for rest!vera PavlovaVera Pavlova, Russian Artist


Nellie McClung 1873-1951 Canadian feminist, politician and social activist.


Question;            Should men be given the right to vote!

Oh, no, man is made for something higher and better than voting…The trouble is that if men start to vote, they will vote too much. Politics unsettle men and unsettled men means unsettled bills, broken furniture, broken vows, and divorce. Men’s place is on the farm….if men were to get the vote, who knows what would happen? It’s hard enough to keep them home now!

Nuturing our center


We are all wonderful women.  We all have human emotions, needs, desires that sometimes overwhelm us, our breath catches in our throat, our mind freezes, and we seem stuck in that one time that connects us with an overwhelming obsession.  We can forget healthy attitudes, forget common sense, and just single mindlessly go forth and sabotage our soul.

We do this for many reasons, the effects of child hood dysfunction, adult issues, illness, sadness.  We forget our center, forget our spirits purpose., make that call we knew we should not, say those words, eat that food, have that next drink.

And then, we possibly live with regret, self recrimination, and not move forward, we can spend time doing a wallow dance of pain, even make that wallow our comfortable place to live.

So, how can we change this process, this perpetuating cycle of self-abuse?  Can we take small steps?  Teach ourselves what is important?

So if we look at our lives…what cycle are we in, (if any) that hurts our soul?  Lets look at this, and decide what pain we can let go of, and where we can grow.

Lets  use our worries as growth, as lessons, and learn to nurture the world we contain within ourselves?



Tim Robbins as Andy Dupre in one of my favorite films, Shashank Redemption, has a great line.

” Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”

I admire this line.  Hope and dreams are the magic of our existence.  Hope gives us a reason to get up in the morning, to look ahead to the future while still enjoying the moment we are in.  Dreams are what what we hope for.  Sometimes…the words I just typed out can seem to us like just silly fluff.  Some new age thing, about visualization and making our own destiny…hmmm.  Hope seems unatainable, dreams hard to come by.  Our daily life interfers with our goals, our future, and even getting up every day.

So…. having said this, I also believe that dreams and hope are worth working through pain for, worth remembering.

We need them.  So my question for today is….what are your hopes?  Your dreams.  Tell someone, tell yourself!  Be you!

It is time to believe again!                        

A letter to youself!


Any goal is worthy, no matter if the world may claims it to be outrageous, any goal is worthy.

Today consider writing yourself a letter, claim your happiness, state your hopes, be honest, be wild, be free. Expect, and demand approval, tell that naysayer on your shoulder to take a break!

What are your goals? your needs. your desires?  Name them!  then…carefully fold your letter, and put it away, maybe in a scented dresser drawer, or between the pages of your favorite book.

You will find it when it is time, unexpectedly, without planning, to read at the perfect moment.  Magic!