One of us, that would be Pat, not me, has a wonderful garden.  Pat GARDENS with a capital G.  Her garden is her soul’s essence, her meditaion, her joy, her survival.





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  1. I’m the gardener belonging to the photos above. I say I belong to the gardens because I am an addicted gardener. Those of you out there that garden will know what I mean. The gardens own me, not the other way around. I have twelve gardens or so filled with daylily and hosta and other perennials, but mainly daylilies & hosta. I even sell some if I can bear to part with them, or if I need cash to buy more. My biggest problem is that I really can’t turn down buying new ones, hence the 12 gardens. I am running out of space so I have to figure out what to do. I grow about 200 different daylily and about 150 hosta. Blue hosta are my passion. And daylily! Have you seen the new ones? They’re certainly not our grandma’s old orange ones anymore. I’ve got some that have four (4) different colors to them but I don’t have a favorite because I love them all. It’s like having kids. They take a long time to mature and they change every year.

    There is no true blue at this time in the daylily world, but the hybridizers are working on it. Someday I would like to try cross-breeding my own daylily so I have been reading up on the how to do it. It takes YEARS to cross-breed and the patience to match it. I’ve read that sometime you only keep the truly good ones and destroy the rest. How do you do that? It’s like getting rid of your kids. That’s why gardeners live so long. We are always looking toward the next season to see what comes up.

    Fall bulb catalogs have been arriving for a couple weeks now. I get hooked every year when I see those beautiful spring, summer and fall flowers and can imagine where I want all of them. So I order them. Sometimes 2-3 HUNDRED of those babies and then I have to ask my daughter to come and help me get them in the ground before the first of November. I have arthritis in my hands and knees so planting bulbs gets to be a bit difficult but my daughter, and now my granddaughters, help grandma. I’ve created a family of gardeners – it’s wonderful. I keep track, religiously, of the daylily and the hosta. But bulbs not so much. That’s why each new season is so great. I’ll find flowers that come up and I can’t remember when I planted them so I always have new surprises as the seasons pass from one to the next.

    I turned 69 yesterday and my health is not the greatest. I live in a small city west of Minneapolis MN.
    The month of July 2011 gave us weather from the tropics, certainly not normal in Minnesota. Our temps were over 100 about 9 days with dewpoint ranging from 70 to 80 degrees. The heat and high dewpoint lasted the entire month of July and early August. What’s with that? I know, the world is warming up but it certainly shouldn’t happen all at one time. Anyway, I have asthma and don’t tolerate that type of weather very well so I spent most of July in the house in air conditioning. I wasn’t able to get to my gardens at all so I missed a beautiful display of color.

    So, to all of you gardeners and would-be gardeners out there I would ask that you blog back to me so that I don’t feel so alone in this great addiction I have with nature.

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